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Linus, 18, California. Ask me I won't say no, how could I?

Anonymous: It's so stupidly hot bro'

totes. the weather’s been frikin gnarbar lates.

Anonymous: How about those Dodgers? Ah?!


And I can’t face the evening straight / And you can’t offer me escape/ Houses move and houses speak/ If you take me there you’ll get relief

Anonymous: Better Than Ezra, Switchfoot, and Train album leaks the same week as U2 drops a free fuckin album?!? Is this a great week to be a music fan or what???


Anonymous: Ever run into snoop dogg?

on the daily.

But we wouldn’t get too far
Two strangers in the dark


Boris - Naki Kyoku

I can’t really properly begin the new semester until I’ve skipped all of my classes at least once.

My grandpa is very proud of the fact that today marks the day he has been married to my grandma for 70 years. Upon asking her why she has stayed with him for so long, she told him, “because you’re a bad boy.”

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